Saturday, September 26, 2015

Obama; a study in liberal charity

To liberals raising taxes on the "rich", while doing your best to avoid taxes yourself, is charity.

Liberals are often people who want to be philanthropic with other peoples money.

That's why Obama can claim he's all in for helping the poor while sending not a dime to his own half brother in Kenya who lives in a 6x9 hut.

If Obama can't spare a dollar for his own brother how sincere do you think his claims are that he wants to help strangers?

The reality is that to liberals helping the poor is about control and power.  If a man lives on welfare he is beholden to the politicians who give him other peoples money.

If liberals really cared about the poor why has poverty not gone down even though we spend trillions on Democrat programs?  If liberals cared about the poor they'd have decided that since after 50 years their game plan isn't working and they should try something new. But liberals don't change.

That tells us that liberals really don't care about the poor. If they did they'd be coming up with entirely new approaches not merely throwing good money in after bad for the same failed policies.

As Pope Francis has pointed out the poor deserve a job not a hand out.  Yet liberals fight tooth and nail against anything that would give the poor jobs.

Liberals object to work related requirements for welfare--they think it's wrong to require able bodied person on welfare to be either working or looking for work

Liberals object to enterprise zones in inner cities where tax cuts would bring jobs to poor neighborhoods.

Liberals object to reducing government regulation which would create new jobs.

Liberals demand higher minimum wages that reduce the number of jobs.

Never believe a liberal who says he cares about the poor unless he gives what is his to help them.

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