Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starbucks; showing us liberal pride

I don't think anyone in America would say that we don't need to address racism in this country.

Liberals want to talk about made up racism; claiming that a country that has a Black President who won two elections is endemically bigoted against Blacks.

Conservatives want to talk about the real government imposed racism that gives President Obama's two daughters special rights when applying to college just because they're Black. They will be taken ahead of equally qualified whites and asians simply because of their skin color.

However when Starbucks declares that it will force conversations about race on its customers it's demonstrating liberal hubris.  Only liberals can tell us what we need to know about race.

For all the president of Starbucks knows most of his baristas are racists. After all if America is so racist why would Starbucks employees be different? Oh yeah right because the leaders of Starbucks are liberals and they would never ever allow anyone unworthy to work for them.

That's the whole liberal mind set; I'm liberal and so even though I support abortion which Jesse Jackson called genocide against Blacks I'm not a racist and so my employees must be perfect too.

I don't drink coffee.  My wife stopped going to Starbucks when the CEO said that if you don't like gay marriage sell your Starbucks stock--talk about liberal tolerance.

But if you still frequent Starbucks I implore you to stop.  If Starbucks get's through this every business with a liberal boss will push politics on you every time you shop. There will be no escaping.

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