Monday, December 22, 2014

Oklahoma city vs NY; what a difference

Liberals, lead by Bill Clinton, blames Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma city bombing of a Federal building because Rush criticized the government.

Rush never ever called for violence and never incited others to call for violence nor did he support those who did call for violence.

Yet the liberals and the media condemned him.

Similarly liberals blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Rep. Giffords even though it was shown that the killer was a nut case who was never shown to even know who Palin was.

But now we're told that even though liberals encouraged protesters who were calling for dead cops those liberals have no responsibility for the execution of two police officers who dedicated their lives to helping others.

Liberals also fail to note that both of the slain officers were minorities yet supposedly the problem with the police is that they are racists.

Liberals never ever take responsibility for their actions so we shouldn't be surprised.  But the simple truth is that while liberals like Sharpton and de Blasio didn't want to kill cops their actions inspired the man who did kill the officers.  There may not be blood on liberals hands but liberals are responsible for creating the atmosphere that encouraged the killer to use violence.

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