Sunday, July 13, 2014

Immigration; love vs responsibility

I think most conservatives would love to give the illegals swarming our borders a chance to succeed in America. After all most conservatives are Christians who view those poor children as their brothers and sisters in Christ.

The problem is that immigration is not what it used to be.

Back 100 or more years when most Americans ancestors came over a new immigrant imposed no burden on his neighbors. If he couldn't cut it he depended on the voluntary contributions of others.  No one held a gun to peoples heads and said "Either help this immigrant live a good life or go to jail".

Today however with the massive welfare state illegals who are supported in a wide variety of ways without paying the full tax burden that Americans are saddled with do damage honest people.

Further America can't support every single poor person, or even every single poor child, in the world. Why are those who live within walking distance of the US specially blessed when it comes to being supported by the US taxpayers? Sounds racist to me.

I realize that some illegal supporters argue that the US South West really belongs to Mexico which is kinda odd. It was Spaniards who conquered that territory, the same Spaniards that those illegal supports condemn as foreign oppressors.  So why are "native" Mexicans entitled to land conquered by the "evil" Spaniards?

The problem then is balancing the needs of the illegals with the rights of Americans.

Clearly if illegals are fleeing genocide--say Jews in WWII-- or mass starvation America has more of an obligation to them than if they are simply trying to get a better lifestyle.  In the former case we really can't turn them away without serious cause while in the latter case they are really no different than thieves.  After all honest people from Central America spend years waiting to get into America legally. If those folks can wait why can't the illegals?

Keep in mind that Blacks stuck in the liberal run hell holes of our inner cities are probably at as much if not more risk than the children fleeing "violence" in central America so it's unclear we should divert money from trying to make Detroit safe in order to let kids from Guatemala be safer. Or maybe we should work with the Guatemalan government to make Guatemala safer for all Guatemalans rather than just trying to rescue a few who can sneak up to the US?

One obvious solution is to provide a way for immigrants to come in without leeching off the government. However even then with Black unemployment running at >11% is it being truly charitable to let in lots of low skill illegals so they can compete with Blacks for jobs?

It would seem that the liberal position is a racist one; Blacks won't take the jobs illegals will, Blacks would rather live off their neighbors than work. Conservatives don't buy that. We know that Blacks are just as hard working and dedicated as Whites when given the chance just as we know that if we cleaned up the liberal teacher union run inner city schools Blacks would do as well in school as Whites.

Given that the Obama economy is a total disaster with unemployment only going down as more people give up hope and either retire early or go on welfare is it truly charitable to let in millions of unskilled workers when we know that will reduce wages and job opportunities for folks who are in America legally?

We need to deal realistically with immigration using both compassion and a sense of responsibility for the Americans who will be impacted by allowing millions of people to become citizens.

The answers may not be obvious but we won't achieve success by demonizing anyone who says that not everyone in the Southern Hemisphere is an American.

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