Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Liberals hate hard working Americans who don't know their place

A 300K member union is complaining about Obamacare because it costs so much. The union members can't keep the plan they liked--another Obama lie--and so now their pay has been cut by as much as $5/hr.

This is a union, Unite Here, that represents low wage workers in a variety of industries ranging from hotels to textiles.

These union members are not the grossly overpaid Detroit autoworkers; rather they're hard working folk who won't buy into Obama's welfare for all who vote for me mentality.

These are the type of people that folks who support unions think of when they think of union workers--not $100K+ autoworkers or sanitation engineers.

Yet a wealthy liberal on Facebook told me that it doesn't matter that Obamacare is hurting these people.  He specifically called out that the people being hurt were low income by the way so he knew that the folks liberals like him always say they are fighting for were the ones being hurt.

He also indicated that since it was only 300,000 workers it didn't matter.  This is from the same liberal who proudly posted that he didn't mind if the taxpayers paid for 1000 welfare cheats if that's what it took to ensure that not a single family that needed welfare didn't get aid.

This is a clear example of how liberals really don't care about the poor and the middle class. They support Obamacare because it gives them, through the government, more power over the lives of Americans.

Obamacare lets liberals force Catholics to pay for abortions, set up death panels so money isn't "wasted" on the elderly, and eventually to be able to deny medical care to smokers--unless they smoke marijuana-- and the overweight.  That's why liberals don't care about the fact that people are being hurt by Obamacare; it's not about social justice it's about giving liberals control over other peoples lives.


Benjamin Booth said...
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Benjamin Booth said...

One of "the" common elements among 'liberals' is the desire to cede or accrue power to the center. Why? Because of Godless insecurity.

Accruing power to the center is the way to force an outcome that, ultimately, the liberal doesn't have to be accountable for. This mode of social economy seldom works out in everyone's best interest but the 'liberal' doesn't care. Their willingness to subjugate themselves and those around them (wittingly or otherwise) is a stab in dark at knocking down insecurities that only a honest one-on-one conversation with God will ever solve.