Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A liberals view of protecting children

A liberal recently complained that some Republican was against a bill that, among a plethora of other things such as forcing all states to adopt California's animal friendly people hostile farm policies, made it illegal to take a child to a dog fight.

While I don't think dog fights are good and I certainly don't think a child should attend it's not really my place to tell parents how to raise their kids on that sort of issue.  Though to be honest if such a law passed I wouldn't expend any energy objecting to it.

What's really interesting however is that liberals who oppose children seeing dog fights fight like dogs against any law that would require Internet porn sites to ensure that children can't see the porn.

Instead liberals tell us that parents must pay to buy software that will block the porn sites.

This is liberal logic; children watching animals hurt themselves is wrong unless it's on National Geographic and it's a lion killing a gazelle but children watching the most perverted porn which exploits people as objects is ok.

Of course since liberals are comfortable killing their own children if those children are inconvenient it's not surprising that liberals will have other ideas about child care that are at odds with common sense.

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