Monday, March 12, 2012

What's the price of freedom?

According to liberals it’s $9.00 a month. The current HHS Mandate is based on the rationale that requiring a woman to spend $9.00 a month for contraception is more heinous than violating the religious liberty of a Catholic. Makes you yearn for the old days when buying someones soul required 30 pieces of silver.

But historically liberals have been quick to sell off other peoples liberty on the cheap. 

In fact one of the core processes of modern liberalism is using the peoples wealth to buy peoples freedom from them.

Liberals use tax money like child molesters use candy. They offer some group a chunk of the federal pie with “no strings attached” because liberals are so caring; and so generous with other peoples money. But once they get you in the government van you learn just what freedoms you’ve given up.

Historically liberals have used government funding of medical care as a rationale to allow government to take away peoples freedom. The Government helps pay for your care so the government can decide what you must do. This began when the government role in medical care was infinitesimal compared to what it is under ObamaCare.

Think motorcycle helmets. Clearly anyone who rides a motorcycle without a helmet is insane. However freedom is not only for what the ruling establishment declares to be “sane”. Especially when the ruling liberal elites think that believing a condom will protect you from AIDS is sane--seasoned citizens will remember when, prior to the AIDS epidemic, condoms were mocked because they were so ineffective.

The liberal establishment declared that the right of motorcyclists to be stupid was null and void because if they got hurt the all benevolent state would have to pay for their medical care. But what about bikers who had their own insurance? Didn’t matter; the government had a finger in the medical care pie so all must bow to its edicts.

Liberals lure innocent Americans into ObamaCare with promises of taxpayer funded largess; a compelling sell in the midst of the Obama recession--Obama backing trial lawyers driving up medical costs with frivolous lawsuits helps close the deal. Then the liberals declare what types of health care are allowed. Don’t look behind the curtain; no death panels there.

You’ve got AIDS acquired due to your promiscuous lifestyle? No problem the government will tax your neighbors until it hurts to cover your insanely high medical bills. After all casual sex is a sacrament and promiscuity a merit badge to the liberal mind.

You’re overweight? Well no hip replacement for you; you’ve been a bad person. Unlike recreational drugs and casual sex there is no excuse for overeating in the liberal universe. And if you’re a smoker you might as well just give up the ghost today.

You’ve worked hard all your life and paid your taxes. Now you’re retired and need a lot of medical care. That may not come to pass since really what are you going to do for society in the future? Liberals rate people, especially non-liberals, based on their value as assessed by liberals. And we know that liberals really like euthanasia. That old people need to fall off the tree and become humus was a liberal talking point back in the last millennia.

Your right to life as “seasoned citizen” will be placed on the scales by the liberal elites and their agents in the government bureaucracy. Your value will be measured not by how hard you worked, what acts of charity you performed, or how responsibly you saved for your golden years, but by how much value the ruling class places on you. The same liberal elites who think that Blacks and Hispanics should get special treatment and be placed ahead of Asians in college admission lines and who have no problem with union thugs using violence against business owners will get to decide what care you “deserve”. 

Your freedom to use your own money to pay for your own medical care has been whisked away by liberals. They tax you so you can’t save and they use ObamaCare to be sure you don’t have an option to get the health care you want even if you manage to have two pennies to rub together--and you can’t run to Canada because the Canadian system will be even worse.

Liberals tax you to pay for the health care they insist you have but then they get to decide what the health care will cover. Unlike a regular business where the money is yours until you get what you paid for liberals believe the money was never really yours and what you get to keep of your pay is a gift from the government. They don’t believe that your taxes buy you a seat at the table when decisions are made about your health care. 

Liberals buy your freedom with the tax money you pay. And since it’s a law unless 50.01% of politicians agree with you, or 66% if Obama disagrees with you, you’re stuck up a polluted creek without a paddle. 

What’s really interesting is that liberals put a very high price tag on their own liberty. 

Obama has supported denying medical care to babies who survive an abortion because he was afraid that actually caring for a new born baby might undermine the right to kill your daughter up to the second before her head pops out. In Obama’s calculus a few born babies dying due to lack of medical care is a small price to pay to ensure that his daughters won’t be burdened with a baby.

Similarly liberals believe that their right to view porn on public library computers is far too precious to be compromised by emplacing filters, even in the kids section of the library. Even though those same liberals declare that parents should use those filters to protect their kids rather than requiring the companies that make billions of dollars on internet porn do something to limit children's access.

Liberals declare that they have the freedom to burn flags and blockade Marine recruitment offices. They have the freedom to call any conservative woman a “ “ and any conservative black man an “Oreo”. Liberals inform us that the price of their freedom to express themselves is far more valuable than parents right to expect that prime time TV shows won’t be obscene; that veterans won’t have to put up with being called baby killers; that women shouldn’t be denigrated; that Americans have to watch their flag being burned.

All well and good except that liberals are eager to sell off the freedom of anyone who says things they don’t like.

Condemn homosexuality, but not homosexuals, and you’re guilty of a hate crime--so far only in Canada but liberals here are working to fix that. Blockade an abortion clinic and you’re a monster who should be incarcerated forever.

Want to put up a Nativity scene at Christmas and you’re a Christian jihadist--according to liberals the only bad type of jihadist since for Muslims jihad is a purely spiritual struggle.

Utter a politically incorrect thought--is there even such a thing if one reads the First Amendment as it was written?-- and you’re doomed.

Liberals really do believe in freedom. In a funny way they’re a lot like the Catholics they mock and revile. Catholics believe that true freedom comes from obeying God for God only wishes what’s best. Catholics believe that true freedom does not come from doing evil; a position echoed by Lincoln's belief that there is no right to do that which is wrong.

Liberals believe that true freedom comes from obeying the liberal tenets, whatever they happen to be this week. Liberals declare that being able to do “evil”, i.e. whatever liberals don’t approve of today, is not freedom.

Liberals don’t even realize how bizarre that sounds. After all Catholics, who liberals mock, are doing what they believe the Creator of the entire universe Who died on a cross for them says is good while liberals are doing the same except Bill Maher gets to be god.

And unlike Catholics who aren’t calling for the government to force non-Catholics to stop using contraception liberals insist on establishing a “liberocracy” where all knees must bend to the liberal gospel.

The HHS Mandate is the latest example of how liberals believe that your freedom is worthless unless it conforms to what they believe to be good. If you wish to remain truly free rather than just “free” to be liberal you must stand against the liberal tactic of getting Americans to trade their rights for kickbacks from the federal government of their own hard earned money.

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