Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Strange Case of Louis J. Marinelli III

Louis J. Marinelli III, not to be confused with Louis J. Marinelli Jr. or Louis J. Marinelli, started a page on Facebook called “Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman” to defend the millenia’s old definition of marriage. 
He worked hard and managed to get roughly 288K likes from people who thought that changing the definition of a primordial social institution to please a tiny minority wasn’t a good idea.

But then one day he woke up and decided that he was for civil gay marriages. I guess impolite gays need not apply. There’s nothing wrong with this; everyone is fully entitled under the First Amendment to be wrong.
What’s odd though is that Louis seems to have decided that he has no obligation to the nearly 300,000 people who endorsed his page when he was against redefining marriage. He didn’t feel he should just resign and start a new Facebook page with his new views.
It’s as if the Huffington Post started streaming Glenn Beck shows, called for Obama to show his full form birth certificate, called for cutting taxes on the rich, and said that any woman who has an abortion should be jailed but kept kudos on their web site from NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

At first it appeared that this might have been a hack and there still is that possibility since Louis hasn’t answered my email. Full disclosure I’ve published a number of articles on Louis’s site but I’m not a personal friend of his so I don’t know what’s going on in his life.
However another member of National Organization for Marriage(NOM) has posted on Facebook that Louis has locked out the other administrators and they don’t know why he suddenly changed his position.

While one young man switching his position on redefining marriage is not a big deal there are some things that can be learned from this bizarre event.

The first is that in a world of instant journalism there is the possibility of black Facebook pages, black tweets, and black whatever Media 2.0 site you happen to love. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the lingo of deception a black news site is one that pretends to be of one inclination but is actually of another. For example a radio station that claimed to be the voice of Iranian revolutionaries but was actually run by the government of Iran would be a black radio station.

Why would anyone do such a thing? Historically it was to undermine the moral and to sow confusion. For example the Iranian government could put a lot of anti-government stories out via their black radio station, stories that most Iranians knew about already, but then insert an attack on the faithfulness to Islam of some well known Iranian who supports democracy. Because the attack would be couched in a sad tone and embedded with anti-government stories it would be credible. The result would be that at least some who favor overthrowing the Mad Mullahs who run Iran would no longer view the targeted Iranian as reliable.

In the case of Louis he’s effectively stealing the 288K likes he got. Someone who doesn’t know about the controversy, and that’s most of the world right now, would go to the Facebook page and see that nearly 300K people liked the redefinition of marriage.

That theft makes his position look much more popular than it is. That’s significant currency in the battle over the soul of America.

Louis is not alone of course. There’s at least one person on Facebook pretending to be a traditional Catholic but supporting Obama who’s pro-abortion. That’s pretty much like an Orthodox Jew supporting Hamas.

What this means is that we have to be careful when we read what’s out on the web not just because there are idiots out there but because there are those who will purposely try and deceive us.

For example if some false flag--another term for a black propaganda source-- conservative published a fake article saying that there was proof that Obama was taking money from Iranian sources for his reelection campaign anyone who ran with it without checking the source would destroy their credibility, at least with reasonable people.

That leads to the second point. Liberals seem to believe that the end justifies the means. They don’t seem bothered when liberal sources, like the NY Times, print incorrect insanity from the blogosphere without any fact checking. They seem happy that Louis is hijacking the “likes” of as many people as live in Cincinnati Ohio and significantly more than live in Madison Wisconsin.
This isn’t surprising in that they’ve tended to be quite sanguine with illegals voting and ballot box stuffing in the past. But it’s a useful incentive to get us enthused about pointing out liberal black propaganda.

Keep your eyes peeled for incongruities and don’t assume that every bad thing about liberals is actually true until you check it against a credible site. If you do find something odd check it out and if it smells like week old fish let the rest of the web know.

For those of you who oppose redefining marriage pull Facebook up and like the new NOM page at and unlike Louis’s old page if you’d previously liked it. Don’t let him succeed in stealing what today passes as an internet vote from you.

Meanwhile I’m going to hope to see an email from Louis saying he was on vacation and this whole thing was a hack. But I’ll be inhaling air while I’m waiting.

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