Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Understanding DACA

The "kids"--most are in their 20s-- who are protected by Obama's illegal DACA rule are like the children of bank robbers who are complaining that they can't keep the loot their parents stole because they, the children, didn't actually rob the bank.

If someone's parents lose everything that they owned due to drugs and thereby put their children in a tough spot whose fault is it?  Not America's.  If the parents of the "dreamers" had been honest they'd have gotten in line and waited their turn. But they didn't. Those parents didn't care about our laws; they decided that whatever was best for them was ok.

Note we're not talking about refugees fleeing execution or starvation; we have special rules for people in those situations.  Rather we're talking about people who just wanted a better lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that unless you break the law to get it.

Even worse every illegal not only cheats America but they cheat honest foreigners.

There are 4.4 million honest people waiting in line to be allowed to legally enter the US.  Every "Dreamer" is taking away a slot that those people could have.

So how about this; we deport all the law breaking "Dreamers" and allow an extra 800,000 people from the waiting list in?

Another option would be for all the bleeding hearts out there to guarantee that the "Dreamers" won't use any taxpayer dollars; no welfare, no subsidized education, no free care at the ER.

But of course the folks who cry for the dreamers are the type who usually won't give their own money or time to help. They virtue signal their own wonderfulness by making all Americans pay for the cost of the "dreamers".

Aside from the fact that DACA was rejected by Congress and hence Obama's order was unconstitutional, the reality is that America can't take in everyone who wants to come here.  Just because Mexico is a hell hole due to corrupt government doesn't mean that they get priority on getting into the US.

The reason wages are low in America is because a huge influx of illegals make labor a cheap commodity.  So Blacks and other legal Americans suffer in order to make the "Dreamer's" dream come true.  And purely accidentally I'm sure big business can increase profits by paying "Dreamers" less.

Even the name dreamers is a fraud. Everyone dreams. Blacks in the inner city dream that their kids can get a decent education but the people supporting DACA don't care about those dreams.  I dream of a country where the law is followed but DACA supporters don't care about my dream.

One final note. You won't find many "Dreamer" advocates whose own jobs, or those of their children, are threatened by "Dreamers". In fact the big "Dreamer" supporters are those who will benefit from them; either because they lower wages, will vote Democrat, will drive up welfare spending so that government has more power, or because they will hasten the time when radical minorities will rule the country like the corrupt countries they come from.

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